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Travel the World with Prestige and on Budget

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I have always wanted to travel around the world! Traveling is not only fun but also great for discovering and learning about new places and cultures. However, traveling to multiple destinations can be exhausting and costly. In this article, I will share with you two secrets for luxurious traveling at budget. More specifically, I will cover how to maximize collecting …


Developing Veʹrdd for Easy Editing of Apertium Machine Translation Dictionaries – a Google Summer of Code project

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This summer I had the pleasure of participating in the Google Summer of Code (GoSC) program the purpose of which is to fund university students to work on an open source project during a summer. I spent my summer working for Apertium, which is an open-source machine translation tool. Apertium embraces a rule-based tradition which makes its use possible even …

How to Find Images by Reverse Searching

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We all search for images, usually by inputting a textual description into a search engine. However, sometimes you might be interested in finding an image that you don't know how to describe it but know how it looks like. In this blog post, I will explain two methods for finding images by uploading an image, the first for finding similar images ...

Download and Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 with Metadata

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youtube-dl is a great tool for downloading YouTube playlists, videos or music. The tool runs on all platforms, Windows, Linux and Mac. The tool provides many options, for more details check the README file of youbube-dl. Sometimes I like to listen to songs while being able to read their lyrics without googling them individually. In this post, I explain how ...