Get Free CS:GO skins and cases from Drakemoon [HACK]

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In Counter Strike – Global Offensive (CS:GO), you get some drops as you play and rank up. Most of the time, these drops are cases which require you to buy a key (~2.4€) to open one case. In case you got a skin as a drop, it is usually not a valuable one.

A case in CS:GO has couple of weapons and a mystery item. Most of the weapons contained in a case are worth less than what you would have spent (i.e. < 2.4€).  However, 2-4 weapons would have higher value. The mystery item is the most valuable one (worth than 30€) but it is, also, the least probable. Based on this, you would generally lose money by opening CS:GO cases unless you got super lucky.

Luckily, there is an alternative for CS:GO case opening. Drakemoon is a case opening website for CS:GO skins. There are two types of cases, official and community-made cases. What I like about Drakemoon is that you can see the percentage of winning an item and what are all the items you can possibly win from a case.

In this blog post, I will explain how you can open cases for free on Drakemoon and get cool skins.

1) Use a promo code

By signing in to Drakemoon using this link, or using mokha as promo code here, you will instantly receive +0.45$. You can use this money to open your first case for free where you are guaranteed to get a skin!

2) Play Moon-Wars

Drakemoon has a cool game called Moon-Wars. In Moon-Wars, you can collect 300 diamonds for free every three hours. Using these diamonds, you can open four types of cases. These cases cost different amount of diamonds and you can receive a skin out of them for FREE! Here is how much each case would cost to open and what skin you can get from each.

  1. Marbel Chest (100 diamonds, and contains Glock 18- Candy apple)
  2. Royal Chest (1000 diamonds, and contains AWP -Worm God)
  3. Blook Chest (3000 diamonds, and contains AK47 – Elite Build)
  4. Emerald Chest (5000 diamonds, and contains AK47 – Frontside Misty)

However, it is very time consuming to visit Drakemoon every three hours to collect diamonds, not to mention you might forget to collect them or be busy. Luckily, I have a solution that automatically collects diamonds for you.

3) Mine diamonds automatically

As it is really hard to collect the 300 diamonds every three hours, follow the below steps for an easy solution that automates collecting diamonds.

1) Use Chrome/Firefox Browser on your computer

You would need to use either Chrome or Firefox as a browser. This is because they have various types of addons and extensions. I would recommend Chrome.

2) Install a Javascript Injection extension

After installing the browser of your choice, you must install a javascript injection extension. This extension will execute some code on Moon-Wars’ webpage that will automatically collect the diamonds for you.

If you are using Chrome, I recommend using Custom JavaScript for websites or AddJs. For Firefox, use Greasemonkey. In this post, I will use Chrome and Custom JavaScript for websites.

3) Inject the following code

Once you have installed the required tools, go to Drakemoon’s website and login. Click on cjs icon from the extensions bar and paste the below code there.

var scriptElt = document.createElement('script'); scriptElt.type = 'text/javascript';
scriptElt.src = '';
$('.free-bar button:first').click();

setInterval(function () {
}, 300000); // refresh page from time to time to keep session live

This code doesn’t hack Drakemoon or execute anything on their end. It simply clicks a button for you every now and then.

4) Bookmark Drakemoon’s Moon-Wars

Now all what you have to do is make sure that you open Moon-Wars every time you use your computer.

5) Relax while the script is mining diamonds for you

Leave the page open and the script will do its job in the background while you take care of your main job, (i.e. practicing & playing CS:GO 😉 )

4) Be patient

To be able to open multiple cases at a time and open the most expensive case, you need to collect diamonds for couple of days (a week or so). Once you have collected enough, try your luck and start opening chests.

Here are some skins I have got from playing Moon Wars. You can sell these skins and get money in-exchange for opening cases in Drakemoon!

Additionally, Drakemoon gives skins for Moon-Wars’ top 100 players. If you were lucky enough and were patient to collect most diamonds, you can get free drops by the end of the week if you were ranked in top 100. I was lucky enough to be on this list and win a skin, see below!

I hope this post was helpful. Try your luck, and I wish you get some cool skins from this method! Finally, remember that skins = skills = kills!

* (This post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosures for more details).

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