How to Play Pokemon Go in Winter

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Pokémon Go is making many special deals for every occasion, e.g. Halloween, Thanksgiving and more recently Christmas and New Year. In addition to Pokémon Go events, 2nd generation Pokemon are added to the game, and here are the Pokémon you should be catching right now that have a 2nd-generation evolution.

Despite all the interesting Pokemon updates, in many countries it is very unbearable to play Pokémon Go due to the cold and snowy weather. Unlike Game of Thrones, winter is not coming, winter is here already.

In this post I will explain how to play Pokémon Go in a very cold weather, even when it is below -10 ℃. I will start by giving the basic principles to take into account when doing any outdoor activities and focus more on how to play Pokémon Go, or any game, in snowy weather.

Stay warm

Modern phones need to be touched bare hand. Otherwise their screens just won’t react to the touch. If you don’t quite have the budget to buy one of those phones that can be used while wearing gloves, you have two other options. Namely, a two glove tactique or/and using a stylus pen. My Pokémon Go glove technique, the two glove tactique, means that you are wearing a glove that is made to work with touch screen phones (such Xiaomi’s gloves or this) underneath thicker mitten. Some mittens, convertible mittens, have the possibility of bending the part covering your fingers away revealing the touch screen capable gloves underneath.

Keep your phone warm

Make sure that your phone doesn’t get too cold because that will do nothing but help you kill your phone’s battery. One way of accomplishing this is to turn on the power saving mode in Pokémon Go settings and adjust the timeout for your phone’s screen turning off as long as possible. In Android phones you can have the screen on for up to 30 min before the phone will close it suspending Pokémon Go as well. This way, you can keep your phone upside down in your pocket to keep it warm, and you’ll only need to check it when it vibrates. This is the easiest way to hatch your eggs to boot without playing the game actively all the time.

Get a power bank and another phone

It’s not a good idea to charge your phone while it’s stone cold. However, past month with Pokémon Go have taught us that power bank is a must when you are out there hunting for Pokémon. That’s why the safest solution is to have two phones. You can use your backup phone while your primary device is charging in your pocket. This isn’t even too costly an option given that nowadays you can get decent phones from China for very cheap.

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Make yourself visible

There have been too many reports of incidents in the traffic because of Pokémon Go. When you walk outside in the dark, remember to wear a reflector.

Now you have the complete Pokémon Go gear for winter. Stay warm and happy Pokémon hunting!

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