Auto Phishing Detector

Khalid AlnajjarC++, PHP

Auto Phishing Detector (APD.3), my graduation project, is an anti-phishing solution which automatically detects phished websites and alerts the user instantly. Used C/++, PHP, JS, client-server approach, cryptography and BackTrack OS. Auto Phishing Detector got chosen as the second top innovative project in GITEX – Student Lab across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and first in UAE.

Dubai Health Authority Pixelsense Application

Khalid AlnajjarC#, Pixelsense

DHA project, a pixelsense application I developed while working with Prototype, focused on demonstrating how high-tech technologies can be used to accelerate patients’ tasks in hospitals. The project’s core objective was enabling patients to book appointment and view their medical history while allowing doctors to view their medical history easily – all by swiping their health cards at appropriate outlets. My main responsibilities were …


Khalid AlnajjarCodeigniter, PHP

Duaa, a social prayer network, was developed completely by me as self-project. By logging in the social prayer network, users can post prayers, Ameen a prayer or/and share it on social networks. Users can, also, allow the system to pray automatically on their social network accounts to themselves, and their friends and family based on periods specified by users. Duaa grows its …

Bost University

Khalid AlnajjarPHP

An internal university system created for Bost University which is responsible for managing staff, registrars, finances, library, teachers, and students. The main functionalities implemented in the system were: Staff: Adding, editing, searching, printing staff Registrar (Administrator): Managing programs, courses, semesters, notices and fees. Additionally, assigning courses to teachers. Registrar (Students): Adding, editing, searching and printing students Finance: Managing payments and invoices with …

Silver Art Decor

Khalid AlnajjarPHP, Wordpress

A multi-language wordpress website was designed and developed for Silver Art Decor based on their requirements. Silver Art Decor is a leading decorating company in United Arab Emirates.


Khalid AlnajjarPython

Sparkka, a project developed for Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012, which is an application that answers medical queries and dispenses localized medical advice to patients and seekers of medical advice via its rich database and easy-to-use interface. Below is a poster explaining the key features of Sparkka. The project won the third place among United Arab Emirates and was featured in BBC …

Touch Desk

Khalid AlnajjarC#

TouchDesk, a patented project, is a virtualized application which comprised of a method to utilize the computing power of 1 PC to create up to 20 virtual touch screen PCs on normal wooden tabletops to be used by students in a class room environment. In 2010, TouchDesk started as project for Microsoft Imagine Cup. The project won the second place in Gulf …


Khalid AlnajjarPHP

Musaada is a classified website which aims to be the best place to find jobs, sell, rent and buy cars, properties, electronics and items. Musaada is currently under development and soon will be launched. Stay tuned! 😉


Khalid AlnajjarPython

Huehuebot is a bot studying psychology which, also, loves food and nature. The idea of the bot started as a project for “The Computational Foundations of Linguistic Creativity” course at University of Helsinki. The aim of the course was to use provided n-grams and color maps by Dr. Tony Veale to creatively name colors. The creativity I chose for my bot was giving him the ability to see …

Veracity Pipeline

Khalid AlnajjarPHP, Symfony

Veracity Pipeline, a project for Asset Integrity Engineering (AIE), is a pipeline integrity management software developed in Symfony. AIE explains the project in their website as “software allows operators to efficiently manage the integrity of their pipelines through its data management, risk assessment, threat mitigation, integrity planning and integrity assessment features. The software provides operators with a user-friendly and systematic approach to Pipeline Integrity Management …