How to create multiple accounts on a website using one email

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Whenever I want to create a new product, such as a website, bot, mobile app, I immediately create its social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, … etc) right after deciding what the name of the product is going to be. However, creating a new email for every product is annoying. Filling out forms, confirming your identity, recalling/storing multiple credentials, checking the emails constantly, getting blocked because a lot of emails are linked to the same mobile number… ! These are just few problems you would face when you decide walking down the road of creating a new email to every product.

Another scenario, where you might need to create more than one account for a singular website is using an API that has a ridiculously low maximum number of free requests per month, week, day, hour and second. In such a case, you can bypass such limit by creating multiple accounts.

Luckily, I have a hassle-free trick that will allow you to sign-up as many social accounts as you want with one email . Yes, one email! In this post, I will explain this trick. Also, I will give a bonus trick for creating anonymous emails for one-time usage to reduce receiving spam emails at the end of this post.

NOTE: You should check the policy of the website that you intend to register multiple accounts on before using the below trick. I am not responsible for any misuse and will not be held liable of these tricks!

Use GMail

Really, use Gmail if you aren’t already. Gmail, in my opinion, provides the best free email service. It is secure, easy-to-use, customizable, and accessible from cross-platforms. Plus, Gmail has recently rolled out a new “advanced security” feature to protect users at high risk (e.g. journalists).

The + trick

In Gmail, there is a hidden trick that very few people know. The trick allows you to have infinite emails using one Gmail email. I call this trick, the plus trick. Basically, just add a + at the end of your username in the email followed by a tag of your choice.

Let’s assume I need to create social accounts for a new project I am working on, named TheNextFacebook. But I still want to use my main email address khldalnajjar[at] Using “the plus trick”, I can register new social accounts for my project by using the following email: khldalnajjar+TheNextFacebook[at] ! You literally can have any tag after the + sign and the email will be considered as a unique email by most websites.

This trick isn’t only useful for creating infinite emails but also for organizing your email. For instance, you can create a filter that automatically deletes all emails received to a given tag (e.g. [email protected]). Another example is creating a folder mainly for a given tag and mark it as important. These are just few common cases where “the + trick” can be used; nevertheless, it is not limited to them.

The . trick

The dot trick isn’t as customizable as the plus trick. In short, the trick is that you can add a dot anywhere in your email and you will still receive emails. In other words, I will receive any emails sent to khld.alnajjar[at] even though I have registered my email without a dot. I will even receive emails sent to this weird email: k.h.l.d.a.l.n.a.j.j.a.r[at] 

A combination of both tricks

In case you started to run out of tags and the limited dots you can add between the letters of your email, you can combine the two tricks to unlock more possibilities. Here is one of my super lengthy emails that works just fine: 


BTW, the maximum official character limit of an email is 254. So you really have plenty of possibilities and combinations…

Bonus: is a website for creating a temporary anonymous email address. In case you need to receive only one email for whatever reason (e.g. downloading a file from a website with register-to-download feature) and don’t want your email address to be stored, Mohmal is the way to go.


I hope that you found these tricks useful. If you come up with more usages for these tricks that aren’t mentioned in the post, share them in the comments.

* (This post contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosures for more details).

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