Auto Phishing Detector

Khalid AlnajjarC++, PHP

Auto Phishing Detector (APD.3), my graduation project, is an anti-phishing solution which automatically detects phished websites and alerts the user instantly. Used C/++, PHP, JS, client-server approach, cryptography and BackTrack OS. Auto Phishing Detector got chosen as the second top innovative project in GITEX – Student Lab across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and first in UAE.

Touch Desk

Khalid AlnajjarC#

TouchDesk, a patented project, is a virtualized application which comprised of a method to utilize the computing power of 1 PC to create up to 20 virtual touch screen PCs on normal wooden tabletops to be used by students in a class room environment. In 2010, TouchDesk started as project for Microsoft Imagine Cup. The project won the second place in Gulf …